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About Beacon Shipping

At Beacon Shipping Logistics, customer satisfaction is our bottom line. We pride ourselves on being the most reliable company in the automotive shipping industry. With more than 20 years of customer service, we know how to meet the needs of our clients and deliver on our promises. We will move your vehicle quickly and efficiently. With Beacon, you can count on us to be ethical, honest, attentive, and timely.

Who We Are

Fred Deschamps

Fred Deschamps – Owner
401-270-2993 ext. 102 |

Eric Broomfield

Eric Broomfield – Owner
401-270-2993 ext. 101 |

Sales Team


John Casey – Production Manager
401-270-2993 ext. 208

Raya Perry

Raya Perry – Account Manager/Dispatcher
401-270-2993 ext. 204

John York

John York – Account Manager
401-270-2993 ext. 202

Ryan Denault

Ryan Denault – Account Manager
401-270-2993 ext. 203


CJ Handley – Account Manager
401-270-2993 ext. 201

Joshua Jerome

Joshua Jerome – Account Manager
401-270-2993 ext. 207

Matt Hanson

Matt Hanson – Account Manager
401-270-2993 ext. 206


401-270-2993 ext. 302

401-270-2993 ext. 301