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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it required to schedule my vehicle transport in advance?

It’s always best to call ahead to schedule your shipment with us. If we have a little extra time to plan for your shipment, we can work with schedule to ensure we meet your pickup and delivery time frames.

What method of payments does Beacon Shipping Logistics accept?

Beacon shipping logistics offers flexible payment options. We accept all major credit cards as well.

Is your service door to door?

Yes, we offer door to door, or as close as possible within location constraints on the driver.

Do I need to be present when we pick up or deliver your vehicle?

Yes, you, or a designated person, need to be present upon pick up of your vehicle. The driver will conduct a complete inspection of your vehicle with you present to write off on all present damages, dents, scuffs and so forth. This report is called the Condition Report and is a very important before our driver loads and deliveries your vehicle.

Is my car insured during transport?

Vehicles in transport are insured by the carriers insurance with a minimum coverage of 100,000 per car. We become certificate holders on all carriers’ policies to better assist in facilitating any damage claims that may occur in transport. Beacon Shipping Logistics also carries a $1M Contingent Cargo Legal Liability policy.

NOTE: Obtaining the Bill of Lading at both pickup and delivery are essential in this process.

What if my car is damaged?

If you notice damage to the vehicle at delivery make sure to document it on the Bill of Lading, obtain a copy of it and take pictures of the damage.

You will need to provide this information, along with two repair estimates, to us in order to assist you with processing the claim.

NOTE: Obtaining the Bill of Lading at both pickup and delivery are essential in this process.

What is the Bill of Lading and why is it important?

A bill of lading is a legal document between the shipper and the carrier detailing the type, condition and destination of the vehicle being carried. It also serves as a receipt of shipment when the vehicle is delivered to the predetermined destination. This document must accompany the shipped goods and must be signed by an authorized representative at both pickup and delivery.


Perhaps the most important document that accompanies the transportation process during shipping your automobile from a legal perspective is the Bill of Lading. The reason why it is so important is because it is:

  • A terms and conditions document
  • A receipt of the transportation
  • A dispatch report
  • An inspection report

Can we call anytime for shipping statuses and ETA updates?

Let our company help you along the way, just call your shipping specialist at 855-374-4748 (all are listed on the About Us page) or email anytime day or night.