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Car Transport Rhode Island to Florida

 Shipping Your Car From Florida to Rhode Island 

Whether you need car transport from Rhode Island to Florida or vice versa, we’ve got you covered at Beacon Shipping Logistics.

If you enjoy the warm weather and want to experience the warmth of Florida with its 8,000 miles of coastline during the winter months, you may lifestyle of a ‘snow bird’.  But, returning to Rhode Island in the spring has its benefits, too!  There is much to see and do in the state of Rhode Island.  People who visit or live in RI enjoy the history, the colleges, the restaurants, the arts, the Newport mansions and much more.  But for many people, the real attraction in the state is access to the ocean.  The beaches, the boating, the beauty.

Of course, you’ll want to drive your own car while you’re in Florida, but you don’t have to make the long return drive yourself. Save time (and the wear and tear on your automobile) by having your car transported from Rhode Island to Florida, rather than driving it. The process is simple and probably costs less than you think. But like any other service, there are good automobile shipping companies and those who are not quite as good.

The important thing to remember is that you want your car to arrive at the destination when you want it to be there. You also want to trust the people you are hiring to do a good job and keep your car safe. Beacon Shipping Logistics has a history of great service and a massive group of repeat customers. It’s nice to have YOUR car with you when you are down south enjoying that warmer weather. Let Beacon show you how that can be done affordably, safely and on time. Contact us today if you’re interested in car transport from Rhode Island to Florida (or the reverse).


Beacon Shipping Logistics is located in Warwick RI.  You can reach them at (855) 374-4748